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SLEEPY SPIDER by Florina Minea
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SLEEPY SPIDER by Florina Minea

Sleepy Spider in the boys locker room. Animating this little buddy was challenging and fun. Looking forward to improve the animation and render the groom.

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Update - 13 Jan 2022


by Florina Minea

My first time participating to a The Rookies Contest.

I have never animated a creature before. So I took this amazing Knight Spider with six arms and two feet as a challenge to improve my skills. I'm planning on working further on the animation and render the groom in the end. 


In the beginning I placed the free provided assets from the Adobe Substance 3D Assets Library.

After that I hid all of his limbs expect of his torso and his head. That's how I started my blocking of the animation.


I really enjoyed working with this gorgeous Rig. 

Hope you like my work so far! 

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