Yo Rogain, Super-Influencer
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Yo Rogain, Super-Influencer

This is my first day in Maya and I have 7 days to learn it. The idea is a super-youtuber influencer shooting several videos at once.

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Update - 14 Jan 2022

Last week I received an email about this contest. The next day I set out to learn as much as I could about Maya and animation, neither of which I had experience in, and only one week to do it. This is the culmination of that endeavor. I learned a ton along the way. There was a lot of tweaking I hoped to get to, but time caught up with me.  It’s a cacophony of motion, but I learned something from each one.

I've been working towards taking classes at CG Spectrum, so thanks for the challenge and your consideration!

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Update - 13 Jan 2022

1 week in Maya. This is my first time animating other than a rotating donut in Blender. :)

I'll continue to tweak before final submission later today.

Update - 11 Jan 2022

Iteration trumps perfection. Another try...

Update - 10 Jan 2022

Day 5 in Maya. Figuring out locators and IK/FK. Slowly making some progress.

Update - 7 Jan 2022

2nd Day in Maya: I'm trying to give the illusion of using a selfie stick without touching the camera. Lots to overcome.

Update - 6 Jan 2022