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Hot Chai in Cold Weather
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Hot Chai in Cold Weather

Make your soul happy with a hot cup of masala Chai (Tea) and a good collection of books to read in a cosy and beautiful winter atmosphere. That's all I desire during the wintertime.

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Update - 24 Feb 2022

Look & Feel of the Scene:

I'd like to create an environment where you may have a hot Chai at any time of day or night while gazing out the window at a beautiful snowy scenery. Isn't that the ideal winter scenario?

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Update - 11 Feb 2022

Lighting & Composition

After rendering the scene in layers, I used Blender's composition feature to add Sky, Mist, Fog, and subtle Lightrays. Color grading and contrast levels were used to produce the final direction and visual balance in Photoshop, which helps to convey the story and draws the viewer's attention.

Morning Tea Time

Evening Tea Time

I already had a sense of the colours from the moodboard when it came to lighting the scene. These skies inspired me with their hues and brightness, and I used them as a backplate as well. The majority of the lighting was created using HDRIs from Polyhaven, with a few more lights added to the interior to enhance the details.


Almost finished with the interior modelling, I downloaded a few elements from CG Trader and 3DSky: books, flowers, Candles and curtain. All of the other assets were modelled by me including the Landscape. I could have used a matte painting but I really wanted to try Landscape in Blender.

With the help of Blender's addons, modelling the landscape was a lot of fun. For the mountains and snow surface, I utilised A.N.T landscape. Botaniq Addon for the trees and Real Snow Addon for the snow.

Update - 6 Jan 2022


Lighting Mood - Day

Lighting Mood - Evening