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Dami & Falian

Dami & Falian

Mamie Shi
by Ayomide Oluniyi, Chelsea Castro, Edward Madojemu, Hanna Tsang, Irmak Citil, Jessie Shi, Lily Baker, Mamie Shi, Matthew Robbins, PoolHall, Selina Huang, Somina Oh, Vivian Chan, and mamieshi on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

VR GRAPHIC NOVEL: A unique experience, readers are able to step inside the illustrated world of a comic book, exploring scenes as they see fit, even straying from the main story to discover others.

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Explore & Discover

Travel through vibrant worlds with Tobu and Tolu as your guide to discover new and exciting stories and even uncover hidden side stories. It's up to you to experience this at your own pace, whether it be a casual read through panel by panel, or by uncovering every little details that lead to greater mysteries. At the end of the day, we hope to bring back the nostalgic graphic novel format into a new medium and allow for levels of interactivity that have yet to be seen. We want Dami & Falian to realize the childhood fantasy of being transported into another world.

General Process Summary

The process starts by brainstorming ideas and then proceeding to writing scripts for the main story line. Then, the concept art goes through several iterations and the first pass is painted in Quill. Following that, a rough story board is drafted and the final set is painted. The story board is finalized in Photoshop and the character base models are adjusted to reflect the storyboard so that readers can actually experience it as a graphic novel. Finally, it's brought into Unity where it's assembled and made interactive.

Set Process

Concept art is drawn in Photoshop with a graphic novel aesthetic of bold colors. Then the first pass is painted in Quill to confirm proportions and to make sure the set is believable. Afterwards, 3D props, lighting, and details such as labels and posters are added in to make the scene feel alive. Below are some concept art and work in progress for sets/worlds that appear in Chapter 0: Prologue. 

Character Process

Each character in the novel goes to multiple iterations before deciding on the one that best fits the script they are given. Then, taking the concept, the base models are painted in VR in parts so that like a mannequin, they can be manipulated into different poses for each panel. That way we don't need to repaint every time the pose changes.

Prop Process

Props for specific scenes are sketched on paper first. Then it is modeled as a whole or in parts depending on the situation. The models are referenced to real life dimensions and proportions so that no matter the scale of it, it will look believable. Finally, it is brought into Quill and a mask is painted on and details are added depending on the scene. 


Dami & Falian is currently playable on the Oculus Rift. Check out our website here to stay updated.


As a group of second year university students, our team strives to redefine what it means to read through the pages of a book. VR allows us to create a platform to get people old and young to be excited about bringing back graphic novels into a new medium. By being able to explore each and every panel with its hidden secrets, the possibilities are endless.

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