The Christmas Within
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The Christmas Within

I m looking to encapsulate the spirit of Christmas in my scene.

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Update - 7 Jan 2022

Those are the final render shots for this contest (rendered in Blender with Cycles and edited with Lightroom)

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Update - 7 Jan 2022

Those are some iterations from the blockout phase to the ending phase (2 candles, 2 ornaments and the coffee cup were used from blender kit)

Update - 7 Jan 2022

Final renders of the lamp with additional 3d models from Blender Kit to populate the interior and the cozy atmosphere (this is the first iteration of the texturing with darker tones) *rendered with Cycles in Blender 3.0*

Texturing and Baking done in Substance Painter (this is the last iteration of the Lamp with a brighter wood texture)

For the high poly i ve used Zbrush to sculpt some details

Modelling the main prop in Blender for the low poly

Update - 28 Dec 2021

This is the blockout scene and roughly the camera angle/shot for the renders , that will probably change 'till the end of the project.

I started the project by making a simple and quick sketch to visualize my idea. I then created a moodboard that is split in 2 parts: the first one at the bottom is for the overall mood/vibe, location, lighting & colors, the second one is for the main prop , which is a scenery inside a globe/lamp.