The Beholder Thing: Stranger Things 3D Render Contest (WIP)
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The Beholder Thing: Stranger Things 3D Render Contest (WIP)

I saw some entries for the contest, and got inspired by the different ideas of some amazing artists! Creating something different, I decided that I could build on the D&D analogy and use a rethought monster to be possible in the upside-down world.

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Update - 27 Dec 2021

I looked for some ideas and then I thought of something...

I was reminded of an iconic monster I'd like to portray in a very different and less magical way in the world of StrangerThings.

I thought about the Beholder, and soon I had an idea...

I thought of something like an inverted world worm colony.

Something like a group, mobile based on a leader, or a queen.

At first I tried to use my knowledge to streamline the design and adjustment of the creature's initial form.

I used Path Curves, and Curves Circle to create the tentacles, adjusting the circle for tentacle shapes and the Path for the position and extension of the tentacles in the scene.

I made a very simple block of how I imagined a scenario, possibly a hospital, siilar the scene of the meat monster in the series.

On the same day, I made several changes to the positioning, interlacing and extension of each tentacle, seeking a more organic shape, similar to snakes hanging from branches or one another.

I tried to extend some tentacles into the main body, going out and back inside, in order to portray a bunch of moss or organic matter where the creatures live.

I also started looking for ideas and testing them on the worm's eye design, as well as the idea of ​​where the mouth might be.

The mouth I immediately thought of making in the lower extension of the worms, extending from under the eye, to almost half the body extension.

I have not yet bothered to place the fangs in this extension of the mouth, as I saw that I could still change the positions of the worms and make several adjustments, maybe I could even get a better idea for the mouth.

I've copied the eye design for the smaller worms with a slight modification, simplifying the pointless look, which could signal less age, or gender differentiation.

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