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Stranger Things Upside down environment render - Vincent Gannier Entry
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Stranger Things Upside down environment render - Vincent Gannier Entry

Here is my entry for the Stranger Things render contest. I imagined what Demogorgon's home might look like. Everything was done in Houdini, rendered with Redshift/Mantra and composed in AE.

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Update - 22 Dec 2021

You can see below  some flipbooks I did as the project progressed. You can notice that I started with Mantra but after some time I switched to Redshift for faster renders as I haven't enough times and ressources.

The project is mainly composed of 8 elements, here are the first four :  -For the big guts, I scattered some points on the cave geometry, connect them and add thickness. I also used some moving points along this lines to add kind of a thickness attributes. -The atmospheric dust was inspired by the one in Stranger Things upside down. I made it become smaller/disappear as the particle come closer to the cave geometry (I want to avoid to be able to see them going through the ground, and don't want them to stay on ground like snow, it's just for the mood). - The small guts used the same process as the big, but are simulated with vellum, pin at the top and with a soft wind. - Finally, the fog is just a volume with some noise and animation to add something more to the final scene.

Second part of the assets I created for the scene. - The cave geometry begin with a L-system, I judge it easier to block the general shape and see the tunels. - Splashes are simples pop simlation converted in a mesh. As everything in the scene, they are fully procedural. - The hearts are scattered on noise on the cave ground. They are composed of three differents spheres with differents size and colors, using sinus function to pulse or beat as reel hearts. - The veins are lines projected on the hearts.

The Houdini graph is quite small as my scene is composed of few simples elements. 

I used PureRef as visualiser for my references. They come from Stranger Things, movies, games and illustration. I mostly needed materials, environment and ST references for the global mood and inspiration.

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