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Sonya Lamas Fernandez
by Syon on 15 Dec 2021 for Netflix & Skill - Stranger Things

Hi! I started to learn Zbrush back in October so this is my first 3D contest ever. One of the many reasons why I decided to model this, is because I thought it would be a great exercise for me to sculpt an inorganic prop with an organic monster. I would learn a lot while having fun! This is my entry for this contest!

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Update - 29 Dec 2021

This is my last and final 3D Rendering for the Stranger Things contest! I had so much fun doing it and I hope you like it! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° 

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Update - 28 Dec 2021

Okay so for my last entries I made some little compositions. My knowledge about postprocess is still too low but I wanted to locate the model inside a similar scene of the trailer. I took some BPR with different lights and materials and blended them all together to set a better compo.

As it can be seen, I also tried to set the same colors that the show uses (red and green) to try to recreate a similar atmosphere.

I have to chose which one will be my last entry. Im already rooting for one so I hope tomorrow Ill be doing my last update! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Update - 27 Dec 2021

Before I show the last renders for the contest, I want to talk a bit about the background of my entry because I think its very important to understand some things that I intended to do.

I decided to model a rollerblade because they appear quite a lot in the new season 4 trailer but why did I do it so clean and new? Well, if I didnt add dirtiness and scratches to it, its because I wanted them to reflect the kids/main protagonists. Kids are innocent, pure and young. They have no trademarks of cruelty or evil in their hearts. The brand new rollerblades try to represent those values.

Meanwhile, the monster represents the grotesque, foul and evil side. Thats why I sculpted it attacking/taking possesion of the rollerblades, because thats what happens in the show. The kids are living their lives peacefully and brightly until the Upside Down breaks into their world, filling it up with wicked and morbid intentions.

I thought it would be interesting to share my point of view so everybody can understand the piece.

Hopefully tomorrow Ill be uploading the final renders!

Update - 26 Dec 2021

Today I’ll be leaving some different views and perspectives of the model, with and without polypaint/materials to also show the basic sculpt.

Update - 25 Dec 2021

Hello! (≧▽≦)/

As I promised, Im back with the next step of my entry, which was to paint the model and it ended up like this. I do not know much about polypaint yet but I had so much fun colorizing because it took the sculpt to a closer look of what I had in mind.

But what I really loved was to give materials to the model because it brought it to life, specially the Mindflayer. The flesh looked more realistic and morbid and thats something that I liked so much. I also included the other rollerblade so the model could be more complete.

Here I made a board with some details that I included in the sculpt and that I thought would be interesting to share:

1. I didnt like black for my rollerblades but I loved the white and red colors from Eleven’s socks so I decided to use them to color my own rollers.

2. I included the Stranger Things logo as if it was the brand of the rollerblades.

3. I thought it would be cool to add the nails of the iconic baseball bat that Steve Harrington uses in S2 impaling the Mindflayer. Maybe they both had an encounter before the monster went to possess the rollers…

4. Of course, I made the flesh and the teeth following the original Mindflayer design.

I still have a few things more to do so Ill come back with new updates pretty soon!

Update - 22 Dec 2021


As I promised, Im back with new updates. To give the horror side that Stranger Things has to my entry, I decided to model a little yet scary version of the Mindflayer taking possession of the rollerblades:

This was the part that I enjoyed the most because I had never sculpted such an organic thing and it was quite a challenge. I mostly used the clay build up, the clay tubes and the dam standar brushes.

Here’s the detail of the teeth that I made to make the Mindflayer look cooler and more gross. The TrimDynamic brush was the one that I used to shape it all:

I was pretty happy with the basic result of the sculpt. My original idea was to make a clean and beautiful rollerblade being possesed by the disturbing and grotesque Mindflayer so I think I actually got to reach that concept.

Ill come back with the next steps soon!

Update - 18 Dec 2021

Hey! Im back with fresh and new updates! o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o

Here’s the first look of what Im going to model: a couple of rollers… and maybe more, who knows?

First of all, I started modeling the shoe of the rollerblade. The clay build up, move, smooth and the Zmodeler brushes were the ones that I used the most to sculpt this piece. Later I separated it all in polygroups to polish by groups and to separate the different parts of the shoe. Thanks to that I could use the edgeloop panel and some curve functions to put the stitches.

Secondly I modeled the base of the rollerblade using primitives (mostly cylinders and rings) and the Zmodeler brush. The crease tool helped me to achieve the hard edges of the figure.

This is the basic result of the whole rollerblade:

The hardest part for me was doing the shoe laces because I still struggle a lot to control the curves. I think I did a decent job nonetheless.

Now, am I going to present just this asset? No! Im still not over. Ill keep on working on something more in the model. Ill show you soon in my next entries!

 See ya then ~ヾ(・ω・) 

Update - 15 Dec 2021

Hi! I started back in October to learn Zbrush so this is my first 3D sculpting contest ever. I love Stranger Things therefore I am thrilled to sculpt something related to its universe. This is the moodboard/references that I am going to be using to create my model:

As it can be seen, I watched the newest trailer of the show to try to pick up some fresh ideas. When I saw the rink and the rollerblade’s scenes I could not resist to model something related to it. I think that place is gonna be quite important in the story because it appears a lot in the video and as my teacher says, its always a good idea to extract concepts from the trailers to go further in your projects. Because of that, I chose to model what you are (hopefully) about to see in my next entries!  (≧◡≦)