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It's all too quiet here...
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It's all too quiet here...

The shot is located in Mike's basement here the camera frames the table, where on it there are the game plan and the powns lights by the torch light. It's all absorbed in on apparent quiet mood. At a certain point something happends...

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Update - 17 Dec 2021

I like the idea where baby Dart comes out the audio recorder and it slowly approaches to the pawn of Demogorgon and after smelling it Dart emits its characteristic sound.

There the camera follow slowly every Dart’s movement.

In the first video it’s possible to see the animation’s trajectory from the Top view.

In the second video there is the final camera.

At the moment I’m trying to do the contact poses and after that I will complete all the other poses.

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Update - 10 Dec 2021

My idea was to try to create a short animated shot coveted in a revisited Mike’s basement. The environment and the rig were created by Gioele Piazzolla and I’m trying to animate the baby Dartagnan.

I thought to do a test of a walk cycle to better understand all its movements and to do this I searched references of a crocodile, lizard and a seal’s walk cycle to try to make a mix of all three. 

Here there are two playblast: one is the blocking and the second is the polish.