The Tray-Spinning Arachnid
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The Tray-Spinning Arachnid

The Knight Spider proves he can spin more than just webs, with the dexterity that only an octopod such as himself could manage - he can spin trays!

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Update - 13 Dec 2021

My latest WIP

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Update - 10 Dec 2021

I've done some further finessing of my KS animation.

Update - 10 Dec 2021

Here's my latest progress on the Knight Spider. Enjoy!

Update - 8 Dec 2021

Making progress on my competition entry

Update - 6 Dec 2021

Update - 3 Dec 2021

I've started to animate him dropping two trays and throwing the other four onto the table. I added some additional movement to the body as well.

Update - 2 Dec 2021

This is my attempt at bringing the Knight Spider to life. I've animated him doing something fun that also shows a range of emotions. The movements are looking a little jittery, so I will work to slow them down.