Just Dance!
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Just Dance!

Knight Spider enjoys a dance.

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Update - 14 Jan 2022

I missed changing some of the prop to lambert, so re-rendered that bit.

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Update - 14 Jan 2022

Final Render

Update - 14 Jan 2022

Final Playblast

Update - 10 Jan 2022

Refining pass with references shown.

Update - 5 Jan 2022

Continued Blocking. I had labeled the last one as final, but I didn't have all the arms moving yet. Duh. 

Update - 21 Dec 2021

Finished blocking. I need to move him closer to the camera, and perhaps turn the boot.

Update - 1 Dec 2021

I wanted to take advantage of the Knight Spider's 6 arms and have them doing different things. I considered activities like cooking and cleaning, but suitable props were lacking, so I decided on a dance with the arms  doing different gestures.