Tina's Character
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Tina's Character

For this contest i've decided to focus more on Tina, one of the many characters among the "Stranger Things" universe.

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Update - 29 Nov 2021

For this challenge, i'm trying to aim for the likeness of the character "Tina" from the Stranger Things universe.

So, first off, what I've done was checking out on the internet various references of the Actress's face so that i could recreate her facial details at best.
While i was at it, I did some research on her clothing style, always aiming and trying to be as faithful as possible towards the 80s style.

After gathering some reference for the character of choice, I then proceeded with a basemesh I previously had and started tweaking some polygons around to better shape the character's face to resemble Tina.

Hello there fellas! Once again on the topic of the context, i'm gonna update a lil' bit this page before posting on the final day the final render of my character.
It's been quite a wild month, but everything is nice and ready for the little update.
Without any further ado, let's begin!

Once I've made some tweakings off the character for the likeness, i started making some clothings for her; the first thing i've been working on were the Jeans, then the shirt and lastly the Bomber Jacket itself! (which was kind of a challenge to make, but overall it turned out alright!)

After making the clothes, i started exporting everything into Maya, then proceeded to make some hair for her, as well as some rigging for future posing in the final render. I also took some time to start cutting some UVs and then added some skin color on her; and the result seemed to be nice enough!

In the next part, i've started making some funny looking hair. Of course it wasn't easy at all but, with some patience, i started having a fair sketch on what i wanted her hair to look like.

Of course, the color had to be changed later on!

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