Knight Spider Poses
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Knight Spider Poses

Working on some poses. I approached the world of animation only a few months ago and I really enjoyed experimenting with this character. :)

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Update - 9 Jan 2022

All poses - Update

For me this was the first challenge of The Rookies.
I approached the world of animation only a few months ago and I really enjoyed experimenting with this character. It was a good challenge and I am satisfied with what I did. :)

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Update - 9 Jan 2022

All the poses

Over the past few days I have fixed all the poses.

I will upload the old poses to compare them with the new ones. (Those above). 

Pose 01 - Dancer

In the first pose, the dancer, I corrected the clavicles, the shoulders and the spine. To give more harmony and an arched movement.
Also, I fixed the face and the expression.

Pose 02 - Balancing

In the second pose I just added more assets and I exaggerated the knight spider's facial expression a little more. To give him more instability, I moved the position of his legs.

Pose 03 - Singing in the Rain

In the third pose I adjusted the leg that rests on the lamp (To make it more like the reference) and I worked on the face.
I wanted to give the pose more impetus. 

Pose 04 - Jumping on the Sofa

In the fourth pose I corrected several things.

First of all the legs and the pelvis, always trying to follow the reference as much as possible.
I positioned the left arms to create more defined arches.
I also straightened the cup and the knight spider's eyes. 

Pose 05 - Cleaning Spy

In the fifth pose, I focused mainly on the face because I realized that it didn't respect the reference too much. 

Pose 06 - Weightlifting

In the sixth pose the spider's gaze seemed lost. So I worked more on the expression and on the eyes.
Then I placed the objects better in the center of the scene and I fixed the legs to give him more stability. 

So, that's all. 

If you have any advice I'd be happy to hear it! :) 

Update - 5 Jan 2022

Pose 06 -  Weightlifting

I recently watched the movie "Encanto", so I decided to do a pose inspired by one of the characters.
These are the references I used for the sixth and last pose.

As objects I chose a barbell and a sofa (always taken from Adobe's assets).

The hardest part was managing the arms, so I did some tests and looked at more references.

Then I worked on the face expression.

And this is my last pose. :)

In the next few days I will fix the old poses, I will try to improve some things to make them more faithful to the reference.

I really enjoyed participating in this challenge, it was a great way to get involved and I'm happy with the result. :) 

Update - 2 Jan 2022

Pose 05 - Cleaning spy(der)

In the fifth pose the knight spider is busy cleaning.

To choose the pose I started from the object, in this case a spray bottle.

And then, I decided to give him a spy pose.

For the hands, body and expression I have chosen different reference.

I did some tests to figure it out how to pose his arms.
After finding a definitive pose, I fixed the knight spider and I worked on his expression (which I will probably put my hand back on). 
And I did some close-up renders

This is the result.

Update - 28 Dec 2021

Pose o4 - Jumping on the sofa

Here we are with the fourth pose.
Another dynamic pose.
The knight spider jumping on the sofa.

To make the pose nicer and funner, I decided to put a cup in his hand.
Another balancing game.

As much as possible I've tried to respect the lines of the reference body.

Instead, for the pose of the hands and face I used other references.

(I add a close up of the spider's face).

And this time, with the two left arms resting on the sofa, I worked in IK and for both legs I worked in FK.

This is the finale pose.

Update - 26 Dec 2021

Pose 03 - Singing in the Rain

Hello everyone and happy holidays! :)

For the third pose I chose an iconic frame from the movie Singing in the Rain.

I watched the famous dance scene to figure out how to pose the knight spider.
For the arms I used different references, to give some variety, arches and dynamism to the scene.

Among the used objects there is obviously an umbrella.
And an indoor lamp.

After placing the lamp I did some tests to understand where to place the spider. 

It's as if the spider is a small living room inhabitant trying to imitate his favorite actor.
And this is the final result. :)

Update - 22 Dec 2021

Pose 02 - Balancing Update

I'm still working on the second pose.
I added other objects in the scene (a plastic cup and a plastic food box) and tried to make a test render in persp. 

After that, I made a render with the correct camera.
I think there's still some work to do but I am quite happy with the result.
If you have any advice I'd be happy to hear it! :) 

Update - 7 Dec 2021

Pose 02 - Balancing

For the second pose I chose some assets from the Adobe Library to use.

After choosing the shopping bags, I searched the references of people in balance.
And of people holding a shopping bag.

I also looked for references for facial expressions.

Then I started to do some tests for the pose and for the position of the objects.
It's still work in progress.

Update - 27 Nov 2021

Pose 01 - Dancer

Hello everyone!

For the first pose I chose dancers as references.

And I took the opportunity to understand how the rig worked.

After that I worked on the first pose.

It wasn't easy to work with a six-armed character. But despite this I really enjoyed to pose him and this is the result.

This is my first contest on The Rookies, so any words of advise would be good.