Spider King's Exercise Routine
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Spider King's Exercise Routine

Here is my progress on the Spider King/Knight Spider animation contest. Hope you all like what you see!

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Update - 23 Nov 2021

Here's my storyboard for the animation:

With which I present my first blockout:

I then got some feedback that the narrative of what the spider was doing and why wasn't clear (e.g. where the glasses came from). It also didn't help that the spider spent almost all of his time in the upper centre of the screen, which was a poor use of composition on my part.

As a result, I ditched the bench press asset and sunglasses, in favour of a retail shelf and some canned food.
This helped open up the scene significantly, giving me ample opportunity to use as much of the composition as I could.

In addition to this, I redid the second half of the animation to make the narrative more clear in terms of why the spider needs to jump: in this case, he's dodging some cans being thrown at him. I also spent the remaining five seconds of my animation increasing the spaces of the poses, giving the audience more time to absorb what's happening on screen.

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