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Recreating 'Stranger Things' living room
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Recreating 'Stranger Things' living room

For this entry, I will be making iconic living room from 'Stranger Things'. This is also a project I am doing for the university.

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Update - 23 Nov 2021

Chapter 2: Modelling

I skipped the block-out phase because I thought it wasn't really needed for this project, so I just started modelling the most important parts of it like sofas, wardrobes and tables. I also used a 'Scale-man' to make sure that all objects are up to scale and seems realsitic.

I've also put my scene into Unreal to make sure it looks alright there.

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Update - 17 Nov 2021

Chapter 1: Collecting reference

This entry is also my project for the university. We had to make a scene from series or a film. Luckily, I chose the living room from "Stranger Things". I started with making a reference board. I've collected screenshots from the series, some real life recreations of the room as well as other 3D artists' recreations to get some inspiration.