Late for work
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Late for work

In this animation, our friend the Spider Knight is getting ready for work, when he checks the time and sees that he's got none left!!

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Update - 29 Nov 2021

So, it's been over a week since my last update so I ought to show some progress. First and foremost, I moved from the stepped curves to spline curves. I'll show what the first attempt at that looked like, because it was when I realised just how much animation information I did not have. Once I realised that I wasn't doing the breakdowns, I kept it mostly in spline, just so that I'd be able to see what the final animation would look like anyway.

Parenting and un-parenting things worried me, so I initially tried to just have the objects share position keyframes using a locator to switch between the two. Because the hands are, themselves, controlled and influenced by other controls on the rig, this didn't work. So, I spent an entire day making sure everything was parenting and unparenting correctly!

After the week, fixing the spline and parenting, this is what I have:

However, the first time I turned it to spline, it looked like this:

I need to learn more about breakdowns.

I'll have another update soon!

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Update - 17 Nov 2021

I'm very excited to do this contest! I've taken today to start blocking out my poses. While it's not as detailed as I know I'm going to need to make it, I think this is a solid start. I've taken the time to model a toothbrush (which turned out far too big) and a sink, and grabbed the rest of the props from substance assets (as per the rulings)

Tomorrow, I'll be improving this blockout as well as modelling a doorframe to walk through, and another wall. There are some poses in here which aren't the best, I'll touch them up tomorrow as well.  See you tomorrow with an update!!