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Stranger Things Moving Poster

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Update - 1 Jan 2022

Final Concept - I worked to get the landscape and water as close to the reference as I could within the time all assets are mega scans and third party

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Update - 30 Dec 2021

I fixed the landscape resolution so that it matched the reference better, now I am fixing the textures and adding foliage as well as placing the road again before I move onto the final shot/ composition and some final touches

Update - 28 Dec 2021

Worked on the water -- shaped the landscape a bit more to fit the reference for the road -- placed the road down -- now I'll work on the road placement , fix the shoreline and start placing some props as well as grass and trees

Update - 25 Dec 2021

I brought the new heightfield into Unreal Engine and textured it, next I'm going to place the road, make the water look much better and finish the scene with some props

Update - 9 Dec 2021

The image from my reference is a place on the Pacific Coast Highway; to make my landscape look as accurate to the ref as possible, I used a feature in houdini called mapbox to make my heightfield better

Now is time to re-do the masks and texture again for UE4

Update - 27 Nov 2021

I began texturing to make sure the masks were appearing correctly; this is a rough draft and I will be changing the textures so that it can fit my scene properly

The ocean is a work in progress too

Update - 19 Nov 2021

Back in Houdini I made the terrain match the shoreline better so I could rough draft the ocean placement

The rough draft in Unreal Engine

Update - 16 Nov 2021

I did some more work on the ocean material; Its ready to get pulled into the main project so I can place it into the scene and start working through some ideas

Update - 14 Nov 2021

I chose to use a pacific coastal scene so here is my start with the ocean material in Unreal Engine

Update - 13 Nov 2021

Stranger Things 4 will take place in California so I made another reference board to point me in the right direction

Update - 12 Nov 2021

Reference board for ideas and color scheme

Heightfield for rough draft and masks for textures

After I exported the heightfield into Unreal I found the scale was off and the terrain was distorted

In Houdini I reduced the noise to fix those mountains and I went and redid the masks for the textures; also I reduced the width of the road to better fit the scale of my scene

The heightfield in Unreal after making those edits for the scale to be more realistic