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Stranger Things Moving Poster

Stranger Things Poster Animation

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Update - 27 Nov 2021

I began texturing to make sure the masks were appearing correctly; this is a rough draft and I will be changing the textures so that it can fit my scene properly

The ocean is a work in progress too

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Update - 19 Nov 2021

Back in Houdini I made the terrain match the shoreline better so I could rough draft the ocean placement

The rough draft in Unreal Engine

Update - 16 Nov 2021

I did some more work on the ocean material; Its ready to get pulled into the main project so I can place it into the scene and start working through some ideas

Update - 14 Nov 2021

I chose to use a pacific coastal scene so here is my start with the ocean material in Unreal Engine

Update - 13 Nov 2021

Stranger Things 4 will take place in California so I made another reference board to point me in the right direction

Update - 12 Nov 2021

Reference board for ideas and color scheme

Heightfield for rough draft and masks for textures

After I exported the heightfield into Unreal I found the scale was off and the terrain was distorted

In Houdini I reduced the noise to fix those mountains and I went and redid the masks for the textures; also I reduced the width of the road to better fit the scale of my scene

The heightfield in Unreal after making those edits for the scale to be more realistic