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The Demogorgon
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The Demogorgon

I hope to Create an Amazing Render That Incorporates the terror and dangerous feeling that The Demogorgon Conveys in its appearance and Actions

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Update - 3 Dec 2021

Doing Some Tweaks and additions in Photoshop can REALLY enhance the Renders and Feeling of the Denogorgon. It feels like a nice touch seeing the roar effect and the Saliva Give off a nice, Terror Feel in this render

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Update - 16 Nov 2021

Now it's time to start rendering. There's a ton of Rendering Software Outhere but for this, Marmoset Toolbag 4 is more than happy to do the job. Here we get to play with a lot of lighting Options and that new sweet option called RAY TRACING. In marmoset, we're able to add layers of effects to give this render quite the nice test of quality and graphics such as Ambient occlusion, Flare, Bloom, Film Grain, Etc Etc. We'll do a few different poses and Render images before we take it to photoshop for some post-processing effects and additions and details

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Update - 15 Nov 2021

Texturing In a Substance Painter is always Fun, you get to take your creativity in quite the direction. Unfortunately, I'm not as experienced in substance as I'd like, so baking with 3 different subtools caused a few problems, So I took the liberty of texturing each subtool separately. plus it adds mystery to the render when we put everything together. Makes everything have more anticipation!

Update - 15 Nov 2021

After Finishing your retopology and UV wrapping it's time to start texturing, I'll be using Substance Painter to bake my textures and Texture my colors and life into the mesh. normally I'd do a topology suitable for games and or films, but seeing as I planned on making this render intensive and looking as good as possible, I didn't make the topology for a game but for an Insane render. 

Update - 13 Nov 2021

Adding in Extra details is always Fun, Adding in the teeth and skin pores to give it that Demogorgon feels, but at the same time, give it a nice level of creativity and add your own touch. which is why I added little sharp tentacles around the mouth rather than the millions of tiny teeth. adding in the skin and scales may seem random, but It the Demogorgon, I want it to look Scary and Stranger than other things (Pun badly Intended). Now it's time to Retopologize and Give it some UV's. I can either do that In Maya 3D or Use Zbrush for that

Update - 13 Nov 2021

The next step is to add more forms and details that Are necessary for the character. the body and head have been refined, As were the fingers and toes. Next is to add teeth and other extra details around the body to add a scary feel to the character

Update - 12 Nov 2021

Next is To add Some Base forms and Foundations

Update - 11 Nov 2021

The next step after adding references is getting the foundation Done. I'll Use Zspheres and Dynamesh for this

Update - 11 Nov 2021

This Is my Reference for the Demogorgon!! I hope to deliver an AMAZING render, and the first step is to gather some references!!