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80s Arcade Machine
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80s Arcade Machine

80s Arcade Machine entrance to the Upside Down

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Update - 20 Nov 2021

I have continued modelling the arcade machine, taking time to make sure every area is as polished as it can be. I may make more adjustments to the model based on how it looks when textured and in engine, but for now I want to move onto texturing and lighting. 

Here, I have shown the breakdown of materials in coloured sections.

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Update - 15 Nov 2021

I have started modelling the arcade machine. This first iteration was put together quickly without (purposely) taking into too much consideration how messy the topology is. I just wanted to do a rough draft of the shape so I could see which parts would be trickier to model and would need more careful attention when modelling the final version. It also helps to have a version to refer to in the future.

I have also thrown the rough model into UE4 so I can begin to think about lighting and the layout of objects. 

However, for now I will continue modelling the machine. 

Update - 11 Nov 2021

I have started working on a rough concept of my arcade machine to help with modelling. I also have had a play around with colour by looking at the photographer, Elsa Bleda, and making a mood board of images I felt closer resembled the theme. I then colour picked parts of her photos to use as a colour palette.

I am also starting to map out the background and thinking about what could be on the walls such as signs, posters and neon lights. I also had a look at the screen of the machine and liked the idea of the Demogorgon's silhouette within TV static.

I am not set on anything I have roughed out so far but it is enough to start modelling. 

Update - 10 Nov 2021

I am aiming to produce a model of a 80s arcade machine which visibly ties it to the Stranger Things universe. I have yet to decide how I will portray this but I am thinking of either having a replica arcade machine that is in the 'Upside down'. Or, my favourite idea, a Demogorgon in the screen of the machine looking towards the camera with an 'Upside down' portal shining out the back. So far I have compiled a mood board and sketched a couple ideas.

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