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SCOOPS AHOY - Modular 3D Environment
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SCOOPS AHOY - Modular 3D Environment

First attemp to create a modular environment.

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Update - 1 Jan 2022

This is going to  be my last entry for  tihis contest. It has been a huge challenge to manage a big   scene. At the end, I decided to work in marmoset to try the ray tracing option. This is the  result. I hope you like it!

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Update - 30 Nov 2021

Hi everyone!

Week's update!

These days I have been learning and trying to understand how trim sheets really work so I could speed up my workflow. Despite I had to spent a lot of time doing these I think it's so helpfull and improve times. Only with one texture I had been able to create every wood object and walls.

So, I decided to split my objects in 3 groups: general (big and main objects), mid (objects with tileable materials) and individuals (individual textures)

Also, I have created a tileable floor from scratch.

Moreover, I have had time to model some  props as the entrance ship, the back door and window.

I barely have every asset to build the scene so I am only missing all the props I want to do. I am happy with these results for now. I would love to have much more time to invest is this project, but I let's see how this goes!

Keep it up!

Update - 15 Nov 2021

Hi everyone!

This week I have been studying how to manage this huge scene and finally I decided to build it with modular pieces.

I began creating the different modules and then building the entire scene (not without having tons of measures problems that I had to solve >.<)

My main goal with this project is to learn how to create environments with Unreal so, as I am learning how to use the Engine at the same time that I am creating the level and with a full-time job, I decided to focus and create a high quality small scene where I can learn the same as creating a big one. 

Days are runnig and I am not having as much time as I'd like to work on this project so I have decided to focus and recreate the Scoops Ahoy ice-cream shop. I think I am going to learn much more about Unreal with a scene that I can manage with the contest deadline.

Due to this decision, I began working on the ice-cream shop. I studied the different modular parts that I could do to optimize and build the scene.

And this is it for now!

These days I am going to focus on building every modular piece that I am missing and some props to dress the scene.

I wish to finish that to start adding things to Unreal so I can start creating some basic textures.

Have a nice week!! :)

Update - 8 Nov 2021

Hello Everyone!

I decided to enroll for the first time this netflix and skill contest so I want to wish best of luck to all of you :)

After being thinking about what to do I decided to create an environment which I think fits perfectly with the series: The Starcourt Mall.

Before I discovered these contest I wanted to create my first modular environment with Unreal Engine so when I bumped with this opportunity I do not hesitate to addapt the sci-fi environment I wanted to  do with the Stranger Things topic.

This weekend I've been looking for some references to have an idea about the malls size and shape so I have created a pure ref with all the pictures which are going to help  me along this weeks to complete this challenge.

Have a nice week!