Netflix and skills entry
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Netflix and skills entry

This is my entry for the 2021 Rookies Contest of Netflix and Skill with Stranger Things as the theme

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Update - 15 Nov 2021

The last couple of days I have been trying to put the Demogorgon inside the scene but it always ended up feeling weird and unnatural to me. Although the forest scene and the Demogorgon look fantastic on their own I don’t feel like they work together, I’m thinking on keeping the Demogorgon and building a new scene/background that fits him better. I want to focus more on the monster side of things since creatures and monsters is what I’m best at. Ill post an update when I have a clearer idea of how its all going to look.

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Update - 4 Nov 2021

I started by recreating the cabin in the woods were 11 lived with hopper on season 2, I liked the mood it had in a night setting and I wanted to have it as a main scenery. I still have a lot to polish but this is a good starting point.

I decided that the next step in my process would be recreating the iconic Demogorgon from season 1 and try to be as faithful as possible while giving it my personal touch. 

And for the first time ever I decided to record my whole sculpting process as best as I could to de able to show how I did everything.