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Wheeler Basement
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Wheeler Basement

For my entry I decided that the Wheeler basement was the best thing that screams Stranger Things. The 80s nostalga vibe, with the wooden wallboards and carpets, set the tone of the series moving forward from the first scene with the gang.

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Update - 27 Dec 2021

Hey guys 

Sorry about the lack of updates. Right now I've begun texturing some main assets while continuing to get smaller ones modelled. 

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to finish within the time, but I will continue to work on this scene cause it's got potential to be really good. 

The walls with the wood boards and wallpaper were made in substance painter using the tile generator. 

The other tiled concrete wall texture I created in substance deisgne for previous project that I modified a little to fit the basement wall. 

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Update - 15 Dec 2021

Sorry for the lack of updates. 

This update shows off more work I've done on getting samller assets into the game as well as finishing of the big pieces of architecture of the room 

I've also added a material to the carpet just to see how I can implement them. 

This is the Material editor. 

Update - 10 Nov 2021

Just a small update on the progress. 

Atm I've begun to replace the UE4 blockoutprefabs with some blockouts made in MAYA and I've also planned out the modular pieces I'll need for the room 

In the image above I numbered the modular piece, so I know what I need and where I could re-use them. 

Update - 4 Nov 2021

Continue to blockout. 

Ive added big furniture pieces and tried to guess their scale from the references I have. 

Also added a little lighting to make get a sense of the ambience for the scene. 

Update - 2 Nov 2021

For my entry I wanted to do something that shows of my environment art skills and model an interior that I think real screams Stranger Things. 

The Wheeler basement set yells 80's nostalga with wood wall panels and carpet flooring. It is also one of the first areas we see in the series setting the mood for who the gang are and their personalities. 

Initial references for the Wheeler basement

Blockout of the basement. 

At the moment Im trying to get the right sense of scale for the room.