Last Room
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Last Room

Last Room 3D render project.

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Update - 14 Nov 2021

Modeling and UV are done, I'll be more models later if I have time, I fixed the scale problems in my scene. I begin texturing and modeling the books and papers.

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Update - 3 Nov 2021

Next, I completed my blocking with the concept and I extracted its models for modeling. Of course, I use references for this step.

For books and papers, I will do this later.

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Update - 2 Nov 2021

I created the first blocking for help to finalize the concept.

Update - 2 Nov 2021

For this project, I would like to make a children's room 80s inspired by the final scene in Ready Player One, it is very detailed and it is a great challenge for me. This room would be corrupted by the upside-down world.

The idea is to oppose the two different moods.