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Netflix & skills - Stranger Things contest
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Netflix & skills - Stranger Things contest

So I try to make something that could expand the possible of this series and try to keep the signature too. WARNING : Quite a bit bad English writing

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Update - 2 Nov 2021

Nov 2, 2021

Hi, I'm Peter. I'm not native English speaker, so I'm sorry for my writing skill and hope you don't mind with some mistake that I made !

First thing that I 'must' do is planning - as you know how important it is. I calculated time and section that I have to do. 

Then I made an easy table for remind me when and what I have to do.

First week of Nov. (Date from 1-6) It is a design section, I started with sketching rough ideas. I tried to think what types of monster that Stranger Things could have more ?

Then this thing coming up through my mind --- a tadpole, but with weird look.

Nov 4, 2021

After a few drawing, I finally complete the design

Nov 14, 2021

Starting block-out the model in Zbrush, using only move brush and Zmodeler.

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