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Posing the #KnightSpiderRig
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Posing the #KnightSpiderRig

Practising some posing for the #KnightSpiderRig contest

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Update - 21 Nov 2021

Pose 3: Even spiders fall from their webs

It was kind of tricky to make the web so it looked like there was some tension. At the end, I gave it tension between the butt and first leg, the last arm and the leg; and the leg and the ceiling.

The arm closer to his face is trying to protect him from the impending crash

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Update - 19 Nov 2021

Pose 02: ManSpider?

I have no idea, but I could't relink the textures and I rather rendered it with lambert1 than with the colors it was using. I had no problems rendering on the first pose, but on this one ... No idea

For this pose, I used as a reference one of th typical spiderman poses when shooting webs.

Btw, anyone knows if it is possible or allowed to move the camera? I saw the translations and rotations blocked, so I guessed you shouldn't move it

Update - 31 Oct 2021

Pose 01 - The more the merrier?

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting in The rookies and participating on a contest, so if I do something wrong I would appreciate some help or advices :)

For this first pose, I tried depicting this big guy struggling to lift the weight even with the use of his 6 arms and his big mass

I have been trying to add the grooming that there is in another file to this scene, does anyone know how to do it?

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