Adobe Substance 3D Stager - Living Room
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Adobe Substance 3D Stager - Living Room

I chose to make a room for the Adobe Substance 3D - Virtual Photography Contest

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Update - 23 Jul 2021

Final Render! (July 23)

This is the final render of my living room scene. I had so much fun with Substance Stager!

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Update - 22 Jul 2021

July 21:

Lighting and material updates. I also composited a quick background in photoshop 

Update - 19 Jul 2021

July 19: 

I added more objects and played around with lighting! More material and lighting work to be done!

Update - 14 Jul 2021

Hi! My plan for this project is to make a living room + kitchen. I have a reference image I found on pinterest that I really like 

July 14:

I start out by blocking out the room and the objects.

I also did a test render of the scene so far