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Follow my work in progress entry to the Virtual Photography contest using Adobe Substance 3D Stager.

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Update - 24 Jul 2021

Here's my final update.

I spent some time adjusting textures and lighting, and played with some new camera angles for the final renders. 

I can see lot's of room for improvement however I had fun putting together this project and using Stager for the first time. 

Thank you! 

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Update - 14 Jul 2021


Follow my work in progress entry to the Virtual Photography contest.

The beginnings of my entry to the Virtual Photography Contest.

For this project I wanted to convey warm and cozy vibes with the focal point of the image being the drink. 

I was inspired by cocktail photography and the way the light hits the glass. 

At this point I have utilised the starter assets to stage my image, and have added basic textures and lighting to the scene.

Texturing the foliage has proved to be a challenge! 

I am hoping to improve the lighting further and add more detail to the textures that I have so far. I am not completely happy with staging, as it is now, so will continue to work on these elements. Thank you - Stay tuned! 

15 July 2021