High Resolution Sculpt - Flash Gordon
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High Resolution Sculpt - Flash Gordon

Bruno Aparecido Vieira Costa
by brucosta on 10 Jul 2021 for Flash Gordon Modeling Contest

I chose this sketch as a model. This is my first contest, I don't have many skills, but I'm really excited to participate and see how far I can go.

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Update - 19 Jul 2021

   I got the finish and I'm really happy, this is my first character that I modeled, it's amazing to do something that we like and strive for it. I'm already very accomplished with the experience.

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Update - 18 Jul 2021

Update 6 - I'm finishing up, I don't have much experience with textures yet but I'm doing my best.

Update - 18 Jul 2021

Update 5 - I don't know if I'll be able to deliver it on time, but I'm getting happy with the result.

Update - 18 Jul 2021

Update 4 - I finished the arm and I really liked the result, I'm surprised with what I'm doing, I'm happy to be participating and see what I imagined taking shape. I just need some retouching.

Update - 17 Jul 2021

Update 3 - I modeled the jacket and finished defining the entire body shape, I already put the character in the pose I imagined. I had a bit of difficulty in the process and I'm a little late, I hope to be able to finish everything in time. It lacks the robotic arm, the shoes, the hair, and the final details.  :)

Update - 13 Jul 2021

  UPDATE 2 - I had some difficulties in defining the facial features so I started drawing on top of the mesh and it was the best idea I had, I believe this will help me a lot. I'm using the sketch on the left as a reference as well, as the strokes are sharper, but my final model will be the sketch on the right.

Update - 10 Jul 2021

  I loved this Flash Gordon sketch, so I chose to work using it as a reference. This is my first contest and also the first character I'm modeling, I read that it wasn't necessary to have a lot of skill to participate and decided to participate. So this is update 1, I started to model the face giving the first strokes, I studied that it is necessary to always keep the mesh in polygons to give it a good shape so I'm taking care of that.