First Start
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First Start

I was inspired when I first went to school and the Dorm I was living in.

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Update - 21 Jul 2021

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Update - 15 Jul 2021

I have added some more lights under the bookshelf as hidden light. I also rebuilt the bookshelf into something that is more eye-pleasing. I adjust some of the materials on the light to give the feeling that it is more of a shade.  I have also been tweaking lighting trying to find something that I can be happy with. 

Update - 11 Jul 2021

I am pushing on with set dressing getting a feeling that it is lived in. There is a lot of challenges that present themselves that I am working on but looking forward to moving forward with this project.

I have pressed on with materials and worked with lighting. I felt that the scene needed some more depth so I made a gobo and used a spot to make a shadow of a set of blinds. 

The gobo was constructed with planes scaled and set up to resemble a set of blinds. 

Update - 11 Jul 2021

I have been adding some more blocking trying to make the room feel like my college dorm.  This included the adding of more objects and more refining of the light. Still feel that I need to go through and stage the set a bit more to get it to feel just right. 

Update - 10 Jul 2021

I have been inspired by my first dorm where all I had was a couch and a chair that I had found next to a dumpster. I started out by placing some items down and getting a feeling for the program applying some materials and learning how the program works.