80's College student Room
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80's College student Room

80's Interior college student room project for Virtual Photography contest.

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Update - 8 Jul 2021


My plan is to achieve 80's studio room looks. Besides that, I want to make the interior room feels like it belong to college student. I gathered references from internet so i get the the idea of the furniture placement, the materials, and mostly the color tone.


Adobe Substance 3D Stager has a lot of decent default objects. I arranged them into a neat composition. Through this composition I want to be able to tell story what is/was happening in this interior room. I'm using the bag as a hero object so the viewer has main thing to focus at. 

I added 80's light studio, which already provided in Adobe substance 3D Stager. Then added another light source.

This is the development of the surfacing/texturing. I added sticker/logo i made from Adobe Illustrator.

Final Result

Stager also has a depth of field feature, I added them to enhance my focal point. 

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