Barin's First Sister- High Resolution Sculpt
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Barin's First Sister- High Resolution Sculpt

This is my entry for the Flash Gordon Contest, i chose Barin's First Sister because I don't really do a lot of female characters so I chose to challenge myself on it as for the solid work needed in this project. I hope to get some kind of good result at the end of it

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Update - 17 Jul 2021

This is my last update!I I had a lot of fun doing this!. I wanted to make some fancy render and add some cool small details but the time was against me . I really hope that this will be appreciated :D

Legs colose up

Gloves close up

Jacket close up

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Update - 15 Jul 2021

Update - 13 Jul 2021

starting to close evrithying, hope to finish it in tmime

Update - 8 Jul 2021

Update - 5 Jul 2021

starting to refine and clean 

Assembling  and posing , at this point I sarted to adjust a lot of proportions

some solid modelling in VR with Addobe Medium

just some basic shape

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