Playing with patterns
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Playing with patterns

Hi:) This is my entry to the contest: Adobe Substance 3D - Virtual Photography. After a short tour, I noticed that the software has a lot of materials, textures, models and an infinity of options. My goal is to create an image that contains lots of textures, materials and colors and yet, has harmony. Hope I succeed :)

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Update - 23 Jul 2021

Proud to present the final product :) I really enjoyed while creating this project! When I started the project I did not know what to expect. I have found that the software is very convenient to use. I recommend everyone to try this awesome software. It is suitable even for beginners like me :)

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Update - 23 Jul 2021

I changed some parameters to achieve a more reliable result in the way the tiles are destroyed

Update - 16 Jul 2021

I was inspired by the composition and the colors of this shot in the clip for the song "Ciao Adios" by Anne-Marie, so I decided to add a few elements to my composition and combine some references.

My latest reference page:

For the stone pillars, I used long cylinders. I doubled them and added a different pattern and a different texture for each cylinder. I grouped them and duplicated them several times to create a depth illusion and a better composition.

I added two stone pillars in this position, to give the feeling that there are more objects beyond the frame using the shadow of those pillars.

I slightly changed the colors between the stone pillars, to create a more realistic look

Update - 9 Jul 2021

I tried to slightly change the composition and colors of some of the objects according to my references. I want to achieve a symmetrical result (as much as possible without detracting from the realism of the image) and that the viewer's gaze will go straight to the center of the image.

Update - 2 Jul 2021

Update - 2 Jul 2021

Trying to place the objects I have to get an interesting composition

Collecting some references :)