Mid-Century Modern Living room
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Mid-Century Modern Living room

Hi all, I created a Mid-Century Modern Living room using the default assets in Adobe substance stager 3D and trying to provide a photorealism result.

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Update - 23 Jul 2021

Final Update

First of all, I like to thank the rookies and Adobe for this contest.

For this final result, I planned to stick with a white theme and added some extra details in this output,

and added some extra camera angles.

if you like my output, please give me a High Five, so that it will motivate me a lot,

Thank you❤❤❤❤❤

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Update - 23 Jul 2021

Which one?

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Update - 22 Jul 2021

Update - 20 Jul 2021

Update - 6 Jul 2021

Update - 4 Jul 2021

Setting up the camera angle and adding the assets into the scenes

Update - 2 Jul 2021

Adding the default assets

Update - 1 Jul 2021

Day1_Creating an Moodboard and Colour Swatches