Living Room with Memphis Milano influences
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Living Room with Memphis Milano influences

For this contest, I created a bright and inviting living room that has Memphis Milano and minimalistic influences.

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Update - 23 Jul 2021

For the final update, I added some small details, made sure to enable displacement where needed, and added a close-up shot of the sofa.
I also tweaked the render settings to optimize render time and quality.

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Update - 16 Jul 2021

I seem to be straying further and further away from my original idea. Now it's less mid-century modern and more Memphis Milano/minimalistic but I really like it. It's brighter and more open.

Since the last update, I added two neon "signs", added a shelf made from the default cube, placed two armchairs, added some pillows on the sofa, and removed the wood paneling.

Here's my updated reference board:

Update - 12 Jul 2021

Since the last update, I changed quite a lot of stuff.
I decided against the wooden panels on the wall, changed the color of the rug to fit better into the overall style, worked on the lighting, and moved some smaller things around.

I managed to (kind of) resolve the rendering problems by turning off GPU rendering and interactive ray tracing. CPU rendering takes a lot longer than rendering with the GPU but at least I can render now.
It took close to 2 hours to render the image below (on the medium preset).

I found another angle/version of the main shot that I'll probably include in my final update: 

Here's the process so far:

Update - 2 Jul 2021

Since the last update, I added some shelves with clutter on them and put a minimalistic concrete chair underneath. I also changed the big frame to an art installation, placed a table with a plant next to the stairs, and added a light fixture.
I might change the color of the rug because I'm not sure if I like it.

I've been running into some rendering problems. I can only render on medium quality in 1/2 resolution. If I try to render on full resolution, I get a GPU error. I hope I can find a fix for that.

This will be the second shot. I'm going to work on the lighting a little more.

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Update - 28 Jun 2021

I started by placing the yellow sofa in the middle of the room. I then modeled the side table using basic shapes.
I switched the wallpaper with wood paneling because I thought the yellow shapes on the black base were a little too busy.

The yellow sofa will be the centerpiece of this shot. I'll be adding some more colorful materials to complement the warm color of the sofa.

On my reference board, I collected ideas for specific furniture I'd like to model using the base shapes provided in Stager, color inspiration, main ideas, and much more.