Dr Zarkov - High Detailed Sculpt Final
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Dr Zarkov - High Detailed Sculpt Final

by Ctibeh on 18 Jun 2021 for Flash Gordon Modeling Contest

This concept is so interesting i could not avoid it ! I hope to do a good job and I invite you to comment and advice me during this contest !

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Update - 18 Jul 2021

This is the final renders i did for this contest, some of them were done in Keyshot and others in Zbrush.

This contest was very interesting , I learned a lot so it was a very good experience !

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Update - 4 Jul 2021

I used ZModeler to sculpt little pieces , then i will need to add a strap between the rings.

I used Surface-> Noise to add details to the clothing. This mesh is already subdivided so I had to use the Plugin UVMaster, then Unwrap. Once I got the UV i apply a noise (enabling UV instead of 3D) and I use an alpha.

This effect will give a better "clothes effect".

Update - 2 Jul 2021

I ran a keyshot test to try, next step will be to add surface noises with zbrush on clothe parts and add more details on armor parts, glasses and face need a refinement and also some stitches around straps.

Then try to get a better rendering with differents materials.

Update - 1 Jul 2021

I rework his "pants" and pieces attached to it. And also did little bit more work on his glasses.

Update - 30 Jun 2021

I start to give shape to his glasses, using transparency on BPR Render

Update - 29 Jun 2021

This piece is part of the Dr Zarkov's glasses , first i gave shape with ZModeler from a simple cube then duplicate, scale down a little and used this copy as substractive boolean , then I just used ZRemesher (with "keepCrease" enabled because I Used Crease tolerance 25 to keep sharp corners).

For the medical cross on his backsuit i simply initialized a cube, divide in 3 parts (insert Multiedges : 3), then Extrude polygroups, crease with tolerance 25 to keep sharp edges and subdivided a little.

Update - 29 Jun 2021

I am using Live boolean to create some details on this armor plates, i try to don't overdo with details but to give an interesting design though.

Then you can see my progress on the legs/paws armor suit.

Update - 28 Jun 2021

I Have been working on the armor, i use Mask on the basemesh then extract, i give the shape i want to the mesh i get then I use Panel Loops and subdivide (I can use Polish by Groups if necessary).

For small details I create small pieces with Zmodeler then I use LiveBoolean as you can see on the first and third pictures.

I still have a lot to do and struggle but I am learning a lot !

Update - 27 Jun 2021

I refined the face a little , adding wrinkles and folds.

Now I need to focus on the hard surface elements, which is time consuming.

Update - 25 Jun 2021

A little polypaint test, I also did some rework around his mouth. Next thing to do is to add some wrinkles around his chin and forehead and add details around teeth and lips.

Update - 24 Jun 2021

I added some expressions to his face and also a tongue and teeth, the inner part of the jaw will need more work but secondary forms are taking shape slowly.

Update - 23 Jun 2021

I start to set the armor, i mask then Extract, ZRemesh until I get an amount of polygons that I can easily deal with and I use Zmodeler to Extrude like you can see on the collar part.

I am not satisfied with the front legs armor, I will need to redo,  it will take time but I enjoy the process.

Next i need to blockout the full armor and give his face a different expression (and also rework his face's proportions)

If you have advice for hard surface modelling i would be glad to read it !

Update - 22 Jun 2021

Very sketchy armor, the goal is to understand the concept, it will need a lot of rework but now i can separate by polygroups, give shape, polish hard surface elements.

Next step is to create an appealing pose, more interesting/dynamic.

Some pose experiments, the face still has to be worked on.

I use the Transpose Master plugin to quickly set a pose, now that my primary shape is done i can stop to use symmetry.

Next challenge is to create the armor in this pose and give a nice expression to his face .

Update - 21 Jun 2021

Once I'm satisfied with the Blockout stage, I merge everything together and Polygroup each parts to work on them .

The merged model will help to create his armor with Extract+ZRemesher.

But at this stage I need to decide the pose/expression of the figure.

Thanks to Zmodeler I create the handles . ( Append cylinder -> Delete flat Island -> Ctrl + Move to duplicate -> Bridge Two Holes).

My second reference board to focus on face, proportion of the skeleton but also some dynamics running poses which can be interesting.

Update - 19 Jun 2021

The block-out stage continues , the paws are also separated in different subtools in order to deal with them easily, the shape and proportions are set , I use the DamStandardBrush to "draw" a sketchy shape of muscles.

Next step is to merge all together, separate in Polygroups and start the blockout stage for the armor.

This is mostly the references I used at this stage but I will add more depending on my needs (Reference for eyes, nose , paws etc...)

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Update - 18 Jun 2021

I chose the Dr Zarkov Concept for the High Resolution Sculpture contest because it combines two uncomfortable features : animal anatomy and hard-surface modelling.

Firstly , I start the Blockout part, I use only the Move brush and Dynamesh at this stage, the goal is to get the general shape of the figure and proportions right.

Legs and body are separated in different subtools , it will help in case i need to correct their positions later.

Any comments and advices are welcome !