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Chara Taliadorou
by chara on 18 Jun 2021 for Flash Gordon Modeling Contest

Sculpted in Zbrush The final renders where done in Arnold.

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Update - 17 Jul 2021

This is my final update.

I had so much fun sculpting the big guy!!

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Update - 13 Jul 2021

Another update! I fixed his hands feet and the face a bit. Also the proportions where wrong so I fixed those.

Next the fun part! Detailing some more!

Update - 5 Jul 2021

Update 3

A small update

Detailing the clothes, I am going to move to the hands and feet next!

Update - 1 Jul 2021

Update 2

This is my second update of the lizard man. 

Next I am going to start working on his arms and legs details and also his vest.

Update - 18 Jun 2021

Update 1