Flash Gordon game ready model
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Flash Gordon game ready model

by Nahom on 18 Jun 2021 for Flash Gordon Modeling Contest

Final entry for my real time game ready charachter-FLASH GORDON

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Update - 18 Jul 2021

My Final entry for real time game ready model.

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Update - 15 Jul 2021

Here is some screenshots from marmoset.I have been working on the texturing and lookdev side by side and I noticed i missed some details on the pants and and leg part.

Also working on the face and hair currently because thats time consuming part for me to do... I will pose the character in zbrush later.

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Update - 9 Jul 2021

Im calling it done for high poly stage , i know i'm missing some details but i couldn't work on it any more.

i have made the low poly model and now im going to uv unwrap inside blender.....

I hope i will finish this before the deadline.

Update - 27 Jun 2021

cleaned up the legs topology .

zremeshed most of the part and manual editing in zmodeler for final topology

Update - 27 Jun 2021

Not that much proggress,I haven't worked on the model for a week due to some reasons but managed to clean up and retopo the model as i go.

what i did is i polygrouped it from my polypaint and i used group loop to to create boundary between them and  deleted it then zremeshed it with keep groups on.Finaly added thickness with panel loops.....

Update - 18 Jun 2021

Hey everybody!

This is my first time joining a contest so im very happy to share my progress with other artists.

so when i began the challenge i was using zbrush 2019 and it was crashing a lot and i had to use the latest 2021.6.6 version and it feels amazing to sculpt with out any crash.

I started by using zbrush default basemesh and cutted the head and the body in to different sub tools to make it easy for work.The concept is pretty neat but i couldnt get the front view as i needed so i used photoshop to make the front view from the concept. art and brought it to zbrush using spotlight and adjusted the face using move brush.

Also poly grouped the mouth and eyes for better selection.

The top one is from the first week of progress and the bottom is from second week progress.

Simple block outs for the leg and chest using primitve shapes.

the mechanical arm was very hard to understand how it works ,I have blocked it using simple shapes(cylinders and cubes....)

the left arm was very interstinng to sculpt and i had a reference board on purere.

every thing now is in sketching stage nothing is retopologized so here are some different angle from zbrush.

Tell me about what you feel about the project any comment is appreciated.