Lizardman - High Resolution Sculpt
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Lizardman - High Resolution Sculpt

At one glance, I knew had to sculpt this big fellow ! No better way to challenge and improve my sculpting skills while also learning along the journey by sculpting what I love best, characters and creatures

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Update - 18 Jul 2021

Final Push

I ended up speed sculpting the last 24 hrs as I had no time to work on this guy due to personal errands ! Overall super fun challenge, just bad timing on my end :))) Ended up learning a lot more than I thought I would

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Update - 24 Jun 2021

Body Structure

First pass eye detail

First pass legs

Update - 19 Jun 2021

Low Poly Details

Base Detail Build-Up

Slowly chipping away at this guy ! Today I spent a small amount of time fixing up any proportions as well as starting details on a low poly level. At this point, I am just mapping out where major detail points should be places 

Update - 17 Jun 2021

Block-Out Process

First day on starting my challenge ! I begun today with starting off with simple lowpoly blockout processes. My main point was to start off simple, get my brain and creativity loose and relaxed while trying to maintain the characters form and construction. Next up is starting to clean up his body and continue to massage further form and proportions :)))