Lizardman Real-Time Model
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Lizardman Real-Time Model

Creatures have always been appealing to me and so obviously the Lizardman concept just stood out as soon as I saw it. I will be using Zbrush for sculpting, Maya for retopology and present my renders in Marmoset Toolbag. This is my first Rookies challenge...I want that badge :) Let's go!

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Update - 12 Jul 2021

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Update - 26 Jun 2021

Update - 25 Jun 2021

Update - 24 Jun 2021

Zremeshed all the subtools, refined the armor pieces and the body.

Update - 20 Jun 2021

Chiselling away at the head. 

Update - 18 Jun 2021

Update - 16 Jun 2021

WIP No. 01

Refining the head and body 

Update - 16 Jun 2021

I will try to break down my work as I go, I have started to block out the body.

Starting from a sphere, still in dynamesh to form shapes and get a feel for the body and getting the proportions right. The concept art does not have more than the one third view, I will have to figure out the back of the character armor and the shield.

Update - 16 Jun 2021

I decided to go for the Lizardman from the incredible concept artwork by Giuseppe Di Stasio for the Flash Gordon Challenge