Dale Arden- High resolution sculpt
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Dale Arden- High resolution sculpt

Emma Phillips
by EmmaC137 on 16 Jun 2021 for Flash Gordon Modeling Contest

Hi everyone! Very excited to be part of my first Rookies contest :) This is also my first time creating a character in Zbrush. I've chosen Dale Arden as I love the new style of how she has been completely re-imagined and re-designed!

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Update - 16 Jul 2021

My final renders! I'm pleased with the results as it's my very first zbrush sculpt ever and Ive learnt a lot from the process. Pretty gutted I ran out of time towards the end there and had to basially keep it as it is as I would have loved to add a lot more detail. Nonetheless, cant wait to do some more in the future! 

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Update - 16 Jul 2021

Here are all her layers. I decided to model it just like a real outfit. Had a lot of fun polypainting but I made some bad mistakes (like merging everything before painting!!) but at least I'll definitely know for next time.. 

Update - 15 Jul 2021

Finally finished her entire outfit and now started polypainting. Just been testing out the alpha brushes for the skin

Update - 3 Jul 2021

Decided to attempt using fibermesh for the first time for the hair and eyebrows/eyelashes. It's not too bad considering but I think i'll definitely need to tweak that and improve it later!  I also started blocking out her armour/suit. 

Update - 20 Jun 2021

Most recent update- finally adding the body. I kind of want to leave her hands like they are..

"Taste like crab, talk like crab. Crab people"

Update - 16 Jun 2021

I decided to start with the head first and then work down and add more details to the body a bit later. Good opportunity for me to practice the female anatomy too!