Princess Barin  realtime game character
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Princess Barin realtime game character

My submission for the Flash Gordon Modeling Contest

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Update - 17 Jun 2021

today I made some further adjustments. The T-shirt still looks terrible but I will replace it later anyway . 

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Update - 15 Jun 2021

Today I worked more on the proportions and anatomy, and I also added some clothing to visualize the Character better. Some of them are just placeholder, like the shirt for example. I am not quite sure how I will do it.

 I still struggle with her proportions, hopefully I can match them!

Update - 15 Jun 2021

Joined the contest yesterday, so this is my first post

Right now I´m trying to capture the main proportions and shapes. At the image above you can see the blocks I did with blender and imported them in ZBrush to visualize the proportions of the main body parts. After my rough blocking I decimated the Model in Zbrush and sended it back to Blender to check the proportions

Some fast Render of the first blocking

A screenshot of the full Character, the really long legs are looking quite unnatural , but I think when I´m adding the armor later it will look fine.