The robo nanny K-Lytus
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The robo nanny K-Lytus

Getting started with K-Lytus head

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Update - 18 Jul 2021

                                                                                   In the end ....

And from high poly (10 milons poligons) in to low poly (6000 poligons)

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Update - 16 Jul 2021

                                                        At the final stretch ... the high poly is done.

             Next step ... to make the final renders ... and hopefully to do the retopology.

Update - 14 Jul 2021

                                                            ... so ... the body parts has been refined ...

Update - 6 Jul 2021

For the last several days I've managed to get to the basic design of the body.

                                                     ... Next step ... to refine the edges of the details

Update - 23 Jun 2021

After a week ... finally I have time to come back to K-Lytus.

For start ... some tweaking on the head ... and maybe this will be the final one. 

Next one ... to start with the body ...

... and after several hours ... the satellite dish is sort of "ready" ... 

Update - 14 Jun 2021

The hardest thing is to get it started ... and there's no better way than to start it from the head.

                                                                 And ... several hours later ...

                                                          The head is "kind of finished" ... for now.