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Lizardman realtime game character
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Lizardman realtime game character

by tarusia on 9 Jun 2021 for Flash Gordon Modeling Contest

jumpin in cause i couldnt skip on Lizardman and whole challenge looks fun

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Update - 17 Jul 2021

To start with, project was fun and enjoyable, thanks the rookies for that. like i said earlier, i went for texturing at substance painter, it wasnt mandatory but who could skip that. threw my guy in marmoset after, where i made final shots and little bit of photoshop for fist pic. used marmoset 4 with ray tracing, which gave me a bit errors in some areas which u can also prolly see, also some backing errors here and there, lame but had no more time to fix them. total tris count is 44,266 which is good for last gen console standards, if game isnt supposed to run on sega genesis this model should be okay. also tried to be as animator friendly while retopo as i could so lets say if it was in pipeline animator shouldnt have problem rigging it. originally i split model to three parts, organic, suit and armor but at backing stage it was causing errors and also would caused problems while texturing, so i split them like u see above. well i guess thats it. hope yall enjoy it and good luck to everyone!

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Update - 15 Jul 2021

last update before final shots. i know texturing wasnt mandatory but who actually goes thru retopo and skips texturing?  id loved to have a few more days to spend in substance, but what can u do. gonna finish up quickly and do shots tomorrow. cheers!

Update - 13 Jul 2021

im done with retopo and pretty happy with it. threw my guy in substance for quick backing and lookdev, gonna start texturing tomorrow and finish up renders soon. cheers!

Update - 9 Jul 2021

almost thru the retopo. not a fun. at all, would be much easier if topdogs didnt say keep it real, so im doing retopo with rigging/animation in mind.   keeping count under check, at 27k tris right now. after all of this im definitely going at substance texturing heck out of this guy. cheers!

oh and by the way, shield is also coming

Update - 30 Jun 2021

last update before retopo, almost done with hi, very minor details remaining. even tho theres a lot to improve with skin i have a lot going on and so i gotta keep up with deadline. Maybe ill improve skin later for my own project but anyway. retopo gonna be "fun" 

Update - 19 Jun 2021

3rd update, mid hi res lookdev and lil bit flashier renders. thinking to also submit at hi-res at that point

Update - 12 Jun 2021

second update, main shape improvements and armor fitting lookdev

Update - 9 Jun 2021

bloking out main shapes