Michael Nguyen Entry for Flash Gordon Rookies Challenge
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Michael Nguyen Entry for Flash Gordon Rookies Challenge

Will try to record all my process and thoughts through this challenge, hope you enjoying seeing it.

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Update - 18 Jul 2021

Heres my submission enjoyed making this cool dog concept not finished with the project tho. I want to makes some of the clothing in marvellous designer and groom the dog which i hope to carry on even after the challenge is over!

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Update - 6 Jul 2021


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Update - 24 Jun 2021


Update - 9 Jun 2021


I didn't screenshot day 1 but here's day 2 sculpt I did. I picked this bull terrier dog because I thought It looked different to what I have sculpted before and wanted to give it a try. My goal for this challenge is to make a photoreal version of this concept and I plan on carrying it on after the modelling stages too.


Started doing the clothes and accessories. (week was getting a bit busy and I was getting kinda lazy)

Day Trae

Here's a little update, saw someone do a youtube video update and I might do the same. But for the update, I have been a little busy with interviews but had a chance to work on this fun project again and got motivated after seeing other peoples work. Anyways for day 3, I carried on with the clothing underneath the transparent cloth/jumpsuit? I used brushes I haven't used before which was fun and new to me. After this process, I will probably use a marvellous designer and start the jumpsuit, but it looks really promising and I like how it's turning out! (just noticed the tail looks a bit weird)