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Dr.Zarkov - Corgi version - Real Time
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Dr.Zarkov - Corgi version - Real Time

My reason to participate is to get known and if possible to get a job as a junior character artist or modeler. I want to enjoy the process of the contest so i choose Dr.Zarkov because the first time i saw it i thought it's cool, but i wanted another of the versions given so i picked the corgi, i hope you like it :)

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Update - 18 Jul 2021

This is my last and final update, i learned a lot of new and i just hope you like it my entrie :) , i tried my best and im happy with the final result.

Here i tried to do some fur, i tried different workflows with haircards but as a really new rookie in fur i was overwhelmed by it, so i tried with some particles and i liked the result. I wanted to render in cycles, but my pc cannot handle it , either way eevee is real time so i rendered it in eevee.


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Update - 18 Jul 2021

Here are some quick previews of the textures.

Update - 18 Jul 2021

Here is a view of the textures in blender(without height because i didnt use it for the project).

Update - 18 Jul 2021

This is my final entry,  here i will show the retopology, the uv mapping, the texturing, grooming and rendering and ill show it one by one.

First i started making the retopology, i wanted it to be low poly, so i tried to reduce the amount of polygons and keep as much detail as possible, i separated the head from the body, the eyes, the teeth cage and tongue, and some parts of the body like the glasses, straps or the medkit so one of those could be animated.

Then i unwrapped it, i wanted to try and also learn new workflows so i made it with UDIMS, 2 UDIMS of 4096*4096.

Then i exported it to substance painter and i did the texturing there, i used a color id from zbrush but nothing else from other programs. (the substance painter snapshot is at 2048 because my pc cannot handle too much, but the textures are on 4k each).

Update - 30 Jun 2021

I added somes straps, and the glasses, for some reason i think that something is missing, so maybe ill change the glasses for goggles, and also i need to polish some things in the face. But either way, tomorrow i'll start with the retopology :)

Update - 29 Jun 2021

Hi everyone sorry for the late update i wanted to post the polished model before posting, but i prefer to show it before it's done the modeling part.

I was struggling to find a nice result between the corgi and the buldog so i choose both (the armour), i have almost finished the model, tomorrow i'll update the final tweaks and i'll start with the retopology and the texturing

Update - 11 Jun 2021

As you know, the Dr.Zarkov concepts that were given are really good, but for the cogi it's very complicated to know how to approach to the armour that is being seen, that said; I tried to look for some options between the completed concept (french bulldog) and the cogi sketch, I just wanted to do first the concept of the amour that looks good rather than jumping straight to the polished part, so, for today (and yesterday) its the blocking part of the armour. Maybe i'll change something in the front leg but for now i'm happy with the progress made.

Update - 9 Jun 2021

Yesterday i analized my entry, i noticed that it was very rough but then i started to think, that i want my entry like a daily progress of my work, to show how i do it; For today i fixed the overall proportion, it was too long (like a sausage), and i also wanted to fix the fat of the body, 

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Update - 8 Jun 2021

Hi, This is my first time participating in a contest, i'm excited about how it is gonna end, but for now i just want to do my best.

The character i chose is Dr.Zarkov, when i first saw the contest is the one that caught my attention, but i wanted a different version of the concepts given, so i chose the cogi dog in the middle of the six concepts given.

For the references i think that search for the general form of the cogi is okay or at least in the blocking phase. 

And this is how  the blocking goes for today.