Lizardman High Resolution Sculpt
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Lizardman High Resolution Sculpt

Flash Gordon Modeling Contest

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Update - 11 Jul 2021

Final Update

Lizardman and the tiny creature that controls him.
Show the power of tiny things

I have had a lot of fun with the project, I'm waiting for the next challenge to start with :D 

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Update - 26 Jun 2021

Details 3.0

More and more Details, now in the clothes the shield handle.

The skin thanks with seamless alphas and noise tool in ZBrush, I have created those details and enhanced them by hand, to give the second and third level of details.

Update - 20 Jun 2021

Starting with the Details

In this phase,

I have added details to the character skin.

I've simulated the one from a reptile. 

The horns were redefined with a second detail level,

same as the leg and arm protectors enhancing the relief.

Update - 13 Jun 2021


Here there are more details on the character.
Some clothes build and the leg protectors :D 

On the character, I have place clothes that I made on Marvelous designer for this purpose. Actually, it takes me a while to figure out the correct shapes and forms, also at the back of the model where nothing is visible, I had to improvise.

Update - 6 Jun 2021


Face details