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I am going with design of Lizardman. This is my first contest with the ultimate aim to improve my skills and learn on the process. I find Lizardman's concept design more appealing. The build of the character is strong with lots of nice design elements like the armors and shield.

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Update - 7 Jul 2021

Final renders


 I have done poly painting and rendered out the final images.

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Update - 30 Jun 2021

Final details

I have added all the final details to the lizardman model. I have added skin imperfections, scales, skin texture using alphas. After using alphas i hand refined everything using dam standard and standard brushes.

I used a technique to enhance the details in certain part by activating a layer, smoothing the added alpha using smooth brush, and moving the layer slider to negative value.

This helped me in getting the already established details using alpha to more protruding details.

Update - 28 Jun 2021

Finalizing outfits

So I have completed all the works related to outfits. I have added details into the outfits like stitches, design patterns, scratches and damages etc.

Update - 22 Jun 2021

Secondary Detailing

- After dealing with the initial stage of making the costume, I moved on to detailing Lizard man further.


- Using clay buildup, standard and dam standard brushes I have added some details for the head

- For the main horn I used Brush tubes with square alpha and Dam standard brush to get the desired result.

- The eyes are modeled separately using " Hadi Karimi's (Youtube) " method.

Steps of creating eye

- First I created a polyshpere

- Using standard brush in drag rect mode i created the concave look for the iris.

- Using lasso masking tools I selected two inner circles and deleted it to get the pupil.

- After that I turned on the radial symmetry in z - axis with radial count of 12 and used Dam standard brush to create the details of fibers of the iris

Some renders of the lizardman till now

Update - 22 Jun 2021


The costume of the Lizard man comprises of vest, sleeve, armors, gloves, pants, belt, leg armor

Most of the parts are blocked out or fully modeled in Maya and later imported it into the zbrush.


- First I decimated the Lizard man model in Zbrush using decimation master in order to reduce the polygon count and to retain the forms.

- After that I imported the decimated model into Maya and made it into live object.

- Using quad draw tool, I blocked out the basic shapes of the vest , straps and belt. Also the detailing of the vest is done in Maya only.

- The deltoid and forearms armors are modeled seperately and then later attached them to the main body.

- The armors are modeled from single plane, then extruded it to give some thickness and used bend deformation to give some bent to the model.

- At the end, the models from Maya are exported as .obj and imported them into zbrush

- The gloves are created by masking out the hands and extracting mesh from it.


First I drawn the silhouette of the shield in Photoshop and then used that to create the block out.

- After modeling the glass portion, I duplicated the faces of the border and extruded it to create the frame.

- Finally added some supporting loops and panel breaks to finish the modeling of the shield.

Update - 9 Jun 2021

First stage

I have completed the initial stage of creating the Lizardman. I had encountered numerous show stoppers. But I am satisfied with the results that i am able to accomplish. The hand portion needs a lot of work and next I will be taking the model to Maya in order to block out the armor and the shield.

Update - 6 Jun 2021


So, this is my initial references. I may tend to add few more images to it as I progress with the project.

- So my initial thought is that the Lizard man's head is combination of chameleon and rhinoceros(chameleon's eyes and horn of rhino).

- When it comes to hands and abdomen, I am going for the hands similar to that of strongman's and for the abdomen part I am going for a combination of strongman's and fatty person's body type.

- Legs are smaller as compared to rest of the body and it has got 3 toes and flat foot similar to that of triceratop(dinosaur).

- So these are my initial thoughts on the character and it may tend to change as I move forward and also I haven't thought about the design of Mingling at this stage.


I have blocked out the primary forms of head and abdomen. I am planning to have upper body length of 4 - 4 1/2 head height and shoulder, that is from left deltoid to right deltoid with about 4 head widths.

Front, Right and back views

Update - 6 Jun 2021


I have blocked out the primary forms of head and abdomen. So the proportions I am trying to set for upper body height is of 4 - 4 1/2 heads(vertical height). Length of shoulder, that is from left deltoid to right deltoid is  about horizontal width of the 4 heads.

Front, Right and back view