Dr Zarkov - WIP
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Dr Zarkov - WIP

Dr. Zarkov - the smartest french bulldog in the Mongo system. I'm delighted to work on this concept by Giuseppe Di Stasio.

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Update - 6 Jun 2021


Did some more armor blocking and testing out some different Hardsurface techniques :) I'm not entirely sure what process I'm going to use for his armor suit.

I've also been focusing on capturing his happy smile, the more I stare at french bulldogs the more they look like strange alien creatures.

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Update - 3 Jun 2021


I was instantly drawn to this design over the others. I love the idea of Dr. Zarkov as a smart, badass Frenchie.

My first step was gathering references for this cute fellow.

Next, I started Started the block-out phase, I was looking a lot at french bulldog anatomy and faces

 Looking forward to sculpting and refining more!