Robin's Artistic Designs

Robin's Artistic Designs

Robin van Dijk
by robinvandijk on 11 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is the entry I dare to forward to the Rookies 2019, I made all off these with love and frustration and my goal is to become a enviroment artist and hardsurface artist however I do have a Passion for Character Creation. I also do Mod work for Arma 3 and Various other games on the side. Thnks for looking!

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Type 25 Direct Energy Rifle

Made as improvement of the HALO 1 version of the same gun. This is the main covenant weapon versitile and reliable (don't burn your hand)

OffShore Airbase - Sector 51

This secret airbase is located on <redacted> near <redacted>. It's the leading lab for aerospace research, but it seems abandoned...

Below a Progress slider of the main room of the base.

Tzeentch Chaos Demon

This Tzeench Demon is blind beleive it or not, It's eyes are under the will of Tzeench and his greater demons. However don't underestimate it, It's Piercing screech and it's Magical resistance make it more than a match.

The Bandito

Bandito Concept Created for my Character Course on DAE. He might not be as fast as his shadow, but atleast he has a nice hat.

Turtle Knight

This was originaly a photobash assignment. I did a paint over in photoshop and later i created a stylized version, Ill let you guess what show.

Thank you so much for cheking out my work, My current goal is to make more game ready assets (including characters) and Enviromental Art.

If there is any questions and/or comments don't be shy, we are all in the same boat here ;)

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