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Real-time Environments

Real-time Environments

Katarina Persson
by KatarinaPersson on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi there! This is a collection of environments I've created in UE4 during the past year at my studies at FutureGames. Hope you enjoy!

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Winter Cabin by the Lake.
This was a scene I created to explore snow material creation in Substance Designer and setting up those shaders in UE4. I then got inspired by the Last of Us II and the snow clumps on their trees and wanted to try to achieve something similar. Then I wanted to push the scene further and add something more, so I came up with this idea of a cabin. All assets and materials in the scene except for a wood material that is used on the door was created by me by modeling, sculpting and using my own photogrammetry.

You can get a more in depth breakdown of my scene here.

Ruin Land II.
This environment is based on a concept art piece by Robby Johnson that I really liked. I wanted to capture the feeling and composition in the concept and push my lighting. I also focused a lot on sculpting the various ruin pieces in Zbrush as well as setting up a tree manually in Maya and understanding that process. I used my own photogrammetry for the base trunk and leaves and created the tiling bark in Substance Designer. I want to thank Tilmann Milde for help with the lighting, Leonardo Iezzi for great feedback on my scene so I could improve it further and Alexander Samuelsson for helping me with my tree.

Moroccan Riad.
A courtyard environment I created during a 3 week course to practice material creation in Substance Designer and modularity. I've made the modular assets and some of the props and all the materials in the scene. I've used a texture from Megascans for the pink Bougainvillea plant, and I used 3D assets from Megascans for the Ivy and Palm leaf plant. The cats are from Sketchfab: this, these and this. I couldn't resist adding them as this is a place they belong where they can chill all day. I want to thank Kim Aava for giving me some great feedback and tips on how I could improve my scene.

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